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About the organization

Welcome to Safari Institute

The overall purpose of SAFARI Institute is to marshal Evidence-based research outcomes in Climate-Smart Agriculture, Food Security, Nutrition and Resilience. We aim to catalyse positive change towards climate-smart agriculture (CSA), food systems and landscapes, and position SAFARI Institute to play a major role in bringing to scale practices, systems and research that enable agriculture to meet triple goals of food security, adaptation and mitigation.



Flexible Solutions

  • Empower Smallholder farmers in increasing agricultural productivity, to support equitable increases in farm incomes, food security and development;
    increases in farm incomes
  • Encourage tge use of Adaptive Climate Smart Systems and building resilience of agricultural and food security systems to climate change at multiple levels.
  • Evidences Supporting Climate-smart agriculture (CSA) approach to address these interlinked challenges of food security and climate change, that explicitly aims following objectives:

Projects Completed


Projects Completed